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Successful Relationships

There are many different ways to achieve a successful relationship, for example showing respectful, kind, and tolerant attitude in the process of communication. The ability to maintain good and friendly connections with others is the most valuable feature of character, because a person is always surrounded with people and communication is practically inescapable. In this regard, knowing and following simple guidelines is a key to successful relationship.

To begin with, it is important to underline such recommendation as “think before speaking.” Every person may have encountered such circumstances in his or her lifetime when a development of a certain situation depended on a single response. In this context, it is crucial not to hurry with an answer and spend sufficient time thinking about it. Besides, it is important to avoid sharp replies to an unpleasant phrase. Although it seems not easy, this habit can make other people assume that a person is discreet and has the ability of self- control. In fact, Vandersteen says that a person presents himself or herself as thoughtless and careless if his or her words get them into trouble. What is more, through our own example, we can inspire others to act or behave properly and control their emotions. People shape their life by what they say, so it is important to control the speech and not be rude.

The next recommendation to discuss is to “make allowance for differences of opinions.” Obviously, the nature of humankind implies that everyone is different and unique. Thus, it is essential to respect other people as well as their ideas, and express own point of view considering another person’s feelings. For example, it is essential to avoid jokes about race or nationality when being in a multinational company. In order to establish good relations and create a positive opinion about yourself, it is better to choose neutral topics for discussion and not provoke others to quarrel. Respecting differences is a key to a favorable relationship, because all men were created equal. Undoubtedly, it would not be so exciting and interesting to live and communicate if all women and men on the planet were the same. Thus, every opinion has its right to exist, and the basis for successful relations is to be understanding and tolerant with others.

Finally, the guideline to “expect more of yourself and less of others” is also beneficial to know and follow. Indeed, every person is responsible for his or her life as well as for all the choices he or she makes during the lifetime. By setting higher expectations for yourself, a person constantly works on improving personal qualities, skills, and behavior. Evidently, it is much more pleasant to build friendship with an individual, who is creative, self-sufficient, and polite. A grouchy personality is rather unpleasant to be around, and such people usually feel lonely and isolated. Therefore, the best advice is to be demanding to yourself and always strive for self-improvement. In addition, when someone relies on themselves, he or she becomes fully responsible for their actions, and in the case of a failure, he or she can only blame themselves. In turn, such attitude stimulates a person to work on the improvements and try again until the results are satisfactory. This type of behavior is undoubtedly better than accusing others in their shortcomings. Being an independent person is always in respect and is a good example for others to follow.

To conclude, in order to build successful relationships, it is necessary to make some effort. Adhering to simple rules, namely being tolerant, respectful, self-reliant, and restrained will help to live happily in the society. What is the most important, by following the aforementioned recommendation. we can inspire other people to build friendly relations with others.

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